Process Book

Process Book Overview


Presentations will be in Lab 10/19 or 10/20
(share pages from your process book for both Utica Proud and Personal Projects)
Steps 1 – 4 should be addressed. – make sure to include notes.

What is a Process Book?

It is a narrative—a printed artifact that documents the back story of a project. It has a beginning, middle and end—with introductions, captions, and notes.

It includes visual representations of all stages of the process:

  • Preliminary Research
  • Thumbnails
  • Sketches, Comps and Final Designs
 Step 1: Debriefing
  • What design problems need to be solved?
  • Mindmap

Analysis – list as many questions as you can.  Example what is your point of view, what materials are available, what should be the look and feel of your response?

Synthesis – answer those questions.

Step 2: Research
  • Content/Concept
  • Images/Visuals
  • Text and Typography

Internet, Library, Personal Interviews,  Photographs, Video, Audio, Illustration, Animation

Step 3: Organizing Your Research

Sections: cover with your name and course name visible, introduction, research, observation, discovery, brainstorming, ideation, mood board, typography, and conclusion

Where is your research leading you?

Step 4: Ideation + Brainstorming

Questioning, Sharing, Taking Risks, Think Wrong

Step 5: Development
  • Multiple Versions
  • Ideate, Evaluate, Iterate
  • SCAMPER Checklist
Step 6: Conclusions

Your process book is ultimately an argument for your end result.

It says “After all of this work there is no other place that I could have ended up.”

Full Description from RAP READER

EXAMPLES of Process Books from Brooklyn