Net neutrality is on the verge of being taken away from us.

Everyone who is able to express how they feel on this should! We can all make a difference, we have the tools!


Week 7 update: HALFTONES sample stickers

Finally got to see the quality of these stickers, and they’re pretty nice so i will be ordering more and in different colors so I can start making sticker packs . All the white parts are transparent and they are glossy in direct light.

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My next goal is to make assorted color pins, maybe the same design just in different colors or maybe different designs entirely.

Week 5

This week, I decided to step back from my personal project and do a new kind of poster. This poster was a fun quick advertisement poster I made for Vaseline. I practiced typography by hand drawing the type. This was made traditionally, with pen and marker. I wanted to illustrate that Vaseline is actually “Good Stuff”, it was multifunctional, and a good product. Putting the hand and the finger acts as an element to juxtapose and play with the actual vaseline, as if someone is about to stick their finger in it. So in a way, this does stick with my poster theme, but helps me explore advertisement as well.


Poster update

I have decided on the first topic of my poster, and because I want to make posters on controversial relevant topic, I decided to tackle the ERA aka the equal rights act. I will be adapting the Russian Constructivist movement that I learned from ComD History, but with a modern, more minimalistic approach, much like the style of the Harry Potter posters by the Designer Group: MinaLima. I really like their unique poster design and subtle Russian constructivist techniques. Now I will incorporate that style and bust out the first poster.  (more…)

Personal Project

Personal Project: Comic Book One Shot


My personal project will be creating my own comic book. I am planning on creating 5-7  chapters. This comic book will be based on a story I wrote in my senior year of high school. Which was based off a series of dreams I had when I was 14. This story will contain a compelling plot with characters who are very easy to understand but, have complex personalities. I will achieve this goal by writing a story using my past experiences, observations, and the dreams that inspired me. I will also design very likable characters and appealing back rounds. My goal will be to use this story to jump start an expanded universe which I could use to make my own series of comic books. Hopefully the stories I write could one day inspire a new generation of people and allow them to live a better life.



Viktor Hertz

Viktor Hertz is a graphic designer and filmmaker. I really enjoy his design style, especially for this personal project: Pictogram music posters. He designed simple illustrations for different songs by different artists. The ideas are fun, interesting and crazy. I found them inspiring because the extremely simple style in all those designs is very convincing and attractive, and they give different objects new definitions with even more fun to audience.