Creative Process


Net neutrality is on the verge of being taken away from us.

Everyone who is able to express how they feel on this should! We can all make a difference, we have the tools!

Week 7 update: HALFTONES sample stickers

Finally got to see the quality of these stickers, and they’re pretty nice so i will be ordering more and in different colors so I can start making sticker packs . All the white parts are transparent and they are glossy in direct light.

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My next goal is to make assorted color pins, maybe the same design just in different colors or maybe different designs entirely.

Poster Update

For my poster series, I have to do a lot of research in order to find styles and designers that I would like to incorporate. I have checked out many poster books, annuals and illustration books to look at the different styles of posters that existed. I’ve then been writing the names down of the designers or design companies and will use them as a reference later. I also checked out a book on the creative process, much like what we are learning in class how to do. So by referencing to this book, I get to gain more knowledge on the process and inspires me to continue doing my research and preparing and planning for the Final result.