As the climate changes, the migration of birds and bird populations are changing. Weather operates the flight plans of bird migration around the world, and any discrepancies can cause the whole system to change. “The total number of continental landbirds stands at about 10 billion, down from about 11.5 billion in 1970.” ┬áThis is a direct result of the climate change that is happening on Earth. Certain birds migrate to escape cold weather, and if the climate stays warmer closer in the year, those birds to not migrate. Drastic changes in the climate disrupt migration, and if the bird does not leave its territory before deep freeze hits, they end up not making it through the winter.

This is the biggest concern currently, and how these birds can adjust to the drastic changes in the climate. I urge everyone to be aware of how the climate change effects the bird populations and migrations. Lets do our best to preserve the Earth’s climate.