Process book formats can take forms such as scrap books, sketchbooks, or binders. They can be perfect bound, spiral bound, saddle stitched or hand bound with Japanese stab or coptic stitch.

Spiral Bound

spiral bining

Coil binding or spiral binding involves creating holes along the left edge of a booklet’s pages and inserting a metal coil through the holes. This binding allows for a wide variety of sizes and page counts. It also offers the most versatility for the user to lay the pages flat, which is why this is a common binding method for spiral notebooks and journals.

Saddle Stitch

saddle stitch

Saddle-stitched binding is the most common and cost-effective form of booklet binding. Booklets bound in this way have folded sheets that are gathered together one inside the other and then stapled through the fold line. This allows the booklet to open up fairly flat, meaning less of your design gets lost in the center binding. However, there is a limitation to this type of binding. Staples can only hold so many pages. Therefore, saddle stitching is best for smaller booklets – if you have more than 32 pages you will have to trim for an even edge. Pages must be added in multiples of 4 due to the fold and size of signature – see imposition placement below.

Perfect Bound

perfect binding

Perfect binding is widely used in soft- and hard-cover books, and what is you see most often on bookstore shelves. The pages and cover are glued rather than stapled at the spine, and the other three sides of the booklet are then trimmed as needed to give them clean, “perfect” edges. Unlike saddle-stitched booklets, perfect-bound booklets often have heavier covers than interior pages to provide durability and improve appearance. Aside from author novels, perfect binding is widely used by businesses for annual reports, manuals, catalogs and thicker product brochures. Unlike saddle stitching, perfect binding allows for an unlimited number of pages because the spine can be adjusted to fit. If you opt for perfect binding, remember to add a little extra space around your center margins, especially if your booklet has a lot of pages. Perfect binding doesn’t accommodate flat pages, so you’ll lose any text or design you place directly in the center fold.

Imposition – Sixteen page signature

imposition perfect bind16 pg signature

Imposition – one sided print – folded 16 page signature
imposition-one sided print

The best online resource I have found book binding is the Youtube channel Sea Lemon.


Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 6.17.56 PM



For my film I am continuing to film and get what I can get done by the end of the semester. I will continue to work just as hard on the actual filming and hand-drawn animations, as well as show another trailer for my end of the semester presentation. I also will work on movie posters to show for my both my presentation and process book as well as put both on social media and Behance.

I’m feeling really good about this project as a whole- despite the fact that this project will be finished more in the winter/spring time I am still just as excited and will continue to work on it until it’s COMPLETELY DONE. I’d rather take my time to make it amazing rather than rush it and to get it done sooner than later.

I want it done by second semester and ready to show and I want it to be great, which is why I’m taking my time on making it nothing but great.

I’m determined to get it done and to make it look as amazing as I envision it to be. After thanksgiving break I will have my posters, new trailer, and process book nearly done.

Week 10 Update

This week I did more research on people who inspire me. Rebecca Sugar was one of the main people I looked at, she’s the creator of the Cartoon Network show Steven Universe and used to be a storyboard artist for Adventure Time. She’s also the first female to ever be the creator of a show on Cartoon Network. She went to school at SVA for 2D Animation.

Update week 10


I got more stamps& coffee bags that I ordered! I can use them for the photoshoots.

I had a typo on the stamp, so I had to curve it out and glue it with X-acto knife (d to p). Through this mistake I accepted my lack of English and learned that I MUST use Spelling Checks, which all the Adobe programs have. I am also planning to go to the writing center for the process books today.

Since Utica Proud Project is done, we can fully focus on the personal project in Thanksgiving Weekend. During this break, I will do the photoshoots for the advertisement, and make a short motion graphic/ Cinemagraph. I’m excited!