Week 8


Practicing drawing and coming up with style ideas.

sketch 1




For this week, I am trying to fit as much filming as possible and to work around people’s busy schedules (it’s hard). For now while I wait, I came up with the film soundtrack and I should finish the opening and editing credits by tonight. MY MAIN GOAL FOR THIS WEEKEND AND NEXT WEEK IS TO FILM SO THAT I CAN BE DONE OR CLOSE TO DONE BY THANKSGIVING BREAK. I will also do some more animations tonight as well.

Here is the soundtrack list for my short film (all from Purple Planet):

1.) Mountain Breeze (trailer song)


3.) Tranquility

4.) Daybreak

5.) Far and Wide

I chose a smaller playlist as this film will be 10-15 minutes long in total runtime.

Week 8

I started to edit my own typographic designs for my hometown. I decided to do the poster and brochures in bilingual(Mandarin and English). Bilingual allows my target audience easier to read. First of all I found some calligraphy for the name of my hometown in Chinese. The I made my own brushes in photoshop and started designing my typographic. Bellow are some calligraphies I found that are inspired me.

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This week, I worked on another important character of the werewolves game which is the witch. In the werewolves game, the witch have two bottle of potions. One of them is healing potion, while the other one is poisonal potion. So the illustration of two bottles are different. The theme color of the witch is red. And she is a female character. The first picture is the witch from the classical version. The second one is a new but not very popular version. The third one is my illustration that I just started.