Week 2 / personal project introduction

Project Ideas


This is the brainstorming chart for my project ideas. For my project I will be creating a brand that will have things like clothes, hats, buttons, etc. It will be called TRSH and will include a look book and prototypes of the products.


Personal Project


My personal project is create a food map of China. First of all, I will collect the image of the special foods from each province. Some are the photos that I take from past few years, others are searched from internet. Next, I will crop and cut these photos and insert to the China map. It will be very helpful for the tourists and people who interested in Chinese food.

ASSIGNMENT 6: DUE IN LAB 9/28/17 OR 9/29/17

1. Personal Project

Post an online update in Category: Week 4 – Update.

The update must include at a minimum: one image and a caption.

Continue to research and collect artifacts and examples of inspiration, competitors in your area, and information about your targeted audience.  Be prepared to discuss and share your progress in our lab class.

2. Utica Proud

Bring a minimum of 10 original photographs for critique. 

Be prepared to share and introduce your topic to the class.

  • collect background information, historic artifacts, and a list of contact points.

Personal project idea 2: Eden


IMG_20170919_030337.jpgI decided on another idea for my persona project, which is a mobile runner game called Eden. I can’t learn how to code in a short amount of time so it won’t be a real game, but I plan to create concept art, animate fake gameplay with After Effects, and make fake screencaps of gameplay. It will be a highly aesthetic game that focuses heavily on graphics and appealing UI.