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Union Station: Dependable Travel

Union Station is a train station served by Amtrak, Trailways, Greyhound, Utica Transit and the Adirondack Scenic Railroad in Utica, New York. The station was built between 1912 and May 1914, replacing an older structure dating from 1869. The building was designed by New York architects Allen H. Stem and Alfred Fellheimer. Union Station has long been recognized for the beauty of its design and particularly for the lavish use of marble on the interior. The station was built in the Italianate style and includes a rusticated granite first story with buff brick above. Symmetrically rectangular in plan, there are thirteen bays across the facade and fifteen on the side elevations. A brick parapet crowns the building and over the main entrance is a large clock flanked by eagle sculptures. Union Station was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1975. Inside is a restaurant, the DMV, several county offices and a barber shop—one of the few barber shops in a train station today.

The 15,000 square foot waiting rooms and 47 foot high vaulted ceiling are supported by 34 foot marble columns. An old rumor is that the monolith marble columns came from the “old” Grand Central Terminal in New York City, but there is no evidence to support the story. Eight large benches in the waiting area are heated with steam pipes and vents for the waiting passengers. Union Station deteriorated badly after World War II and was threatened with demolition, but was restored in 1978-79 and is now owned by Oneida County. It is one of the last of the old central New York’s major stations still serving its original purpose. Union Station serves as a living link between the past and the future. Union Station is a comfortable, reliable and beautiful place to travel through.

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Interview questions:

What are you doing at the train station?

What do you like about the train station?

What in Utica makes you proud?

My first interview was with a passenger waiting for the bus. She was sitting on the benches, her bus was yet to arrive. She was waiting for her bus to Albany to arrive.Her favorite part of the train station was how pretty the inside was. She was proud of her college.

I interviewed two other passengers as well. One was a man who seemed to be stressed but still agreed to quickly answer my questions. He was there waiting for his train and liked the efficiency of the station. He wasn’t from Utica but enjoyed the food during his visit.

The other passenger I interviewed was a lady with her son waiting for a train. She was waiting on a train to visit her family and liked the pretty interior of the station.

She was proud of the family friendly environment.

After harassing the passengers I talked and interviewed two police officers at the station. They both were there for work. They liked the county station in the building and how pretty it was inside. One of them said they were proud of the city itself and how far it has come and the other said he was proud of the good Italian food.

The last person I interviewed was the man who worked at the ticket booth. He was very kind and gave me a pamphlet at the end of the interview about the train station’s history. He was there for work and liked the nice atmosphere of the train station. He wasn’t from Utica but he drove an hour everyday for work because he loves the train station. That concludes my interviews!

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