Utica Proud

We are Proud.

Utica Proud TEAM

Congratulations to PrattMWP’s TEAM UP for taking home first place in the 2017 AIGA Student Challenge – Design for Good. See our Utica Proud post for more information about the challenge.  The team consisted of Joe OwensBecky DeCusatisLogan Patenaude, and Bridget Swayne. You can view more details about the project [here]

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Utica Proud AIGA Upstate Student Design Challenge from Logan Patenaude on Vimeo


Utica Proud Assignment

Utica Proud – Collaborative Project

Students will be introduced to AIGA and the graphic standards created for Utica Proud – a campaign meant to highlight positivity the City of Utica. The project will begin with a trip to the Oneida County Historical Society Museum and archives. We will work together to brainstorm and map out a plan to expand the campaign as a group and as individuals you will be responsible for collecting information from all available resources. Your research and process book must include at least one of each of the following: mind map, interview, written summary with headline, subhead and call out text, original photography with caption(s), and an original illustration. Additional content such as archival images and video or motion applications will be encouraged. Graphic standards will be applied and select entries will be placed in a collaborative format for print and web. Additionally, students have the option to volunteer for the AIGA Upstate Student Challenge where content from this project may be utilized as a jumping off point.

Assignment details are subject to change… check back here often for updates!!

  • research
  • brainstorm * minimum (20) Utica things to be proud of
  • mind map
  • visual brain dump
  • conduct and archive interview(s)
  • more research
  • think wrong
  • original photography with caption(s) CRIT: 9/28 or 9/29
  • original illustrations CRIT: 10/5 or 10/6
  • TEXT: DUE 10/12 or 10/13
    • abstract or summary
    • headline
    • subhead
    • body text
    • call out text or pull quote
  • compose content across media channels with standards templates
  • collaborate, PUSH IT FURTHER, Dig deeper
  • video or motion component DUE: 11/2 or 11/3
  • create a printed and a digital process book documenting beginning to end
    DUE: 11/16 or 11/17
  1. 9/12 – Artist Lecture: Assignment given
  2. 9/14 or 9/15: Field Trip – Historical Society
  3. 9/19 – Auditorium: LECTURE John Bentham/photography
  4. 9/21 or 9/22: DUE: 20 potential things to be proud of, mind map, brain dump
  5. 9/28 or 9/29: Photography Critique
  6. 10/5 or 10/6: Illustration Critique
  7. 10/12 or 10/13: TEXT finalized for Progress Critique
  8. 10/19 or 10/20: DUE: Midterm EVAL Present: text, images and interviews in format
  9. 10/26 or 10/27: Reiteration
  10. 11/2 or 11/3: DUE: video or motion component
  11. 11/9 or 11/10 – Guest lecture on Friday: Professional Artist Books
  12. 11/16 or 11/17 – final Collaborative Project Due