Weekly updates

I am working on my poster this week.IMG_3333.JPG


Week 10 Update

This week I did more research on people who inspire me. Rebecca Sugar was one of the main people I looked at, she’s the creator of the Cartoon Network show Steven Universe and used to be a storyboard artist for Adventure Time. She’s also the first female to ever be the creator of a show on Cartoon Network. She went to school at SVA for 2D Animation.

Week 8

I started to edit my own typographic designs for my hometown. I decided to do the poster and brochures in bilingual(Mandarin and English). Bilingual allows my target audience easier to read. First of all I found some calligraphy for the name of my hometown in Chinese. The I made my own brushes in photoshop and started designing my typographic. Bellow are some calligraphies I found that are inspired me.

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