Week 8

Weekly update 8

This week I worked on a layout concept for the weekly calendar. (more…)

Week 8 Update


So right now Im focusing on research instead of developing my project.  I’ve gathered a lot of quotes from different women so I’ll post one I thought was nice this one was said by Oprah Winfrey.

Update #9

For this week, I am trying to fit as much filming as possible and to work around people’s busy schedules (it’s hard). For now while I wait, I came up with the film soundtrack and I should finish the opening and editing credits by tonight. MY MAIN GOAL FOR THIS WEEKEND AND NEXT WEEK IS TO FILM SO THAT I CAN BE DONE OR CLOSE TO DONE BY THANKSGIVING BREAK. I will also do some more animations tonight as well.

Here is the soundtrack list for my short film (all from Purple Planet):

1.) Mountain Breeze (trailer song)


3.) Tranquility

4.) Daybreak

5.) Far and Wide

I chose a smaller playlist as this film will be 10-15 minutes long in total runtime.