Week 7

Personal Project Update

This is how I will layout the painting on my “canvas”.20171016_211057


Week 7 Update


This week I started working on some animated gifs of my characters. I’m really unhappy with them so far and will fix them soon. The movements are just way too slow. I will keep working on them and improve soon. Hopefully he moves on the screen when I post this!

Update Wk7

This week, I took pictures of my experiment, making some hot tea with boba. I took some pictures with my logo, but it is not yet digitized 😦 I’m also working on the process books.



Update: Concept art for new game idea

concept fox


I drew some concept art digitally to emulate a traditional ink painting. It was a pain and many brush settings were changed and lost, RIP

The idea of my game changed – it will now be programmed for PC. The premise is still a platformer game, and will be done in a traditional Chinese ink style painting (but all graphics will be made digitally). You play as a fox navigating nature and you have to overcome obstacles by “painting” (e.g. painting a tree to jump on to reach a higher ledge).

Project Update


I have not gotten to start any embroidery as the to students I am working with have yet to respond. But, I am taking this opportunity to gather thread and other materials I may need to at least start the pieces. Also, my group and I have been coming up with ideas for Skopje and I have begun doing research on Home Sweet Home hoops for one of our designs. I have learned of some different styles, stitches, and patterns that reoccur in these pieces.