Week 6


Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 2.30.41 AM.png

Using my inspiration Tyler Shields I took a look at his photo book he did. The photos from these series inspired me the most. I like his signature and that inspired me to play around with the layout of my own book.



Because winter is coming, I want to make some illustration with cold, ice, foods.

I did dome sketches about the composition. I used photo reference for study the composition. I changed a little bit from original image. After I created. I felt a lot of fun in this Idea.


Project Update

This week I decided to play with different stitches and strand counts. I practiced ten basic stitches three times. The first one used only one strand of floss, the middle used three strands embroidery floss, and the one on the far right used six strands of floss.