Week 5 / update

HALFTONES (brand name)

So i was looking into a lot of names and meaning behind names, etc.   (more…)


Update #5

I filmed  lot in NYC (50 or so film clips!) and I am incorporating them into my opening in the editing process right now. It goes long well with my story so far, and I want to connect Utica and NYC to seem like it’s one place in my story. A lot of the shots I gained were on the road and subway so that I was able to get smooth turns and better camera angles.

Week 5: Cindy Is Wild (And Kind)

Talking with my professor has lead me to change my project. It was pretty overwhelming. I’m going to develop a process book on 10 heroes of mine.

This is an exciting project. My current path in life and who I’ve come to be is highly influenced by multiple artists and friends I’ve run into over the years. It will be fun to show ways they’ve influenced me and my current work.

Thanks Cindy!