Week 4 / update

Week 4: Update

I dug more into the research portion of this project, drawing inspiration from George O’Connor. I loved reading his novels in high school.

I will continue to find publications similar to this to figure out how to make my own comic original.

George O'Connor

Personal project update

I’ve been playing around with several compositions for some of the photoshoots. This is one of the rejects. In this photos I was working through the process of developing what I want to convey in my photos. These I did due to my frustration from always being told “you’re so pretty you don’t have to worry about anything else in life”. This always made me feel silenced because anything I had to say wasn’t relevant. I decided not to include these because I want my photos to be more about bringing women up and these weren’t conveying that in the way I want.

Update #4


This week I finalized a selection of 6 topics that I would be making cards for. They were all inspired by everyday events that a wide range of people experience. I want to make greeting cards for things that people want to express, that aren’t normally expressed. For example, what do you say to your friend when their pet passes away? Or how about when you bailed on plans because you wanted to spend a day in? Over the next few weeks I will come up with sketches for these ideas.