Week 3 / update



The small sketch was the idea I recently find out. It is a planet made by avocado. I got the composition from the post of NASA’s Instagram.

I got the ideas that combining foods and nature(such as, planets, river, waterfall, volcano, earthquake) for my creation.

The are more information about my quick sketches, brain storming and references.



Update: concept sketches

I have sketched some rough concepts for what I’d like the layout of the game to be as well as a basic style and character design. I decided on a simplified style that will derive it’s main focus from colors (although I haven’t added any yet). The character design will be kept basic in order to focus on the scenery as the main factor in the game, which I will likely digitally develop next week as concepts.


This is what I’m pulling inspiration from for my first shoot for the photo book. My Photo book (one part of my personal project) will focus on women and women being confident. My first shoot will be paint on a body resembling water to look like drowning, but having the end photos rising above it. The quote that I based this off of is “I was never afraid of death until I fell in love” by Bailey Chairez.


Project Update


So far the progress of my personal project has been creating the three main characters and designing their outfits for the final act of the story. I have also decided on their name and age. Zaria who is the oldest and the tallest of the three being 16 and 5’10”. Mirio who is the main character of the story is 15 years old and standing at 5’6″. Lastly we have the shortest of the group Roxanne who is 5’2″. I am still working on the other character within the story but, I have decided that the setting of the story will be Manhattan, New York and will take place around Christmas.