Week 3 / update

When Is It Time?

When is it the right time to start talking about this? Screenshot_20171013-102448




The small sketch was the idea I recently find out. It is a planet made by avocado. I got the composition from the post of NASA’s Instagram.

I got the ideas that combining foods and nature(such as, planets, river, waterfall, volcano, earthquake) for my creation.

The are more information about my quick sketches, brain storming and references.



Update: concept sketches

I have sketched some rough concepts for what I’d like the layout of the game to be as well as a basic style and character design. I decided on a simplified style that will derive it’s main focus from colors (although I haven’t added any yet). The character design will be kept basic in order to focus on the scenery as the main factor in the game, which I will likely digitally develop next week as concepts.