Week 13


Rendering a traditional sketch into digital version as well as separating the body parts into layers for rigging in animation.



I created a mock up of the photo book to see how it would look. I’ve never done a mock up before so they look a little wonky, but for now i’m okay with them. I created the cover in the swiss style that I had originally decided on doing, and i’m really happy with it.

Part 4 (end)

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 3.27.17 PM

“Suicide is the rare killer that fails to inspire celebrity PSAs, 5K fun runs, and shiny new university centers for study and treatment. That has to change”

These words and the ones that follow are what gave me the idea to do what I’ve done. Make art in attempt to make people start talking about how they feel in and try and break the stigma that looms over this very real problem facing us all.

Tell someone you care about them today, let them know they mean something to you.