Week 10


sketchThere’s a lot I have to learn and practice before I can make this comic happen. So more researching to do:



Those are some great websites I found about making comics.





This week I took a break from everything related to my personal project and researched different storyboard artists from Pixar and Dreamworks and watched some short documentaries on the process.

Week 10 Update

This week I did more research on people who inspire me. Rebecca Sugar was one of the main people I looked at, she’s the creator of the Cartoon Network show Steven Universe and used to be a storyboard artist for Adventure Time. She’s also the first female to ever be the creator of a show on Cartoon Network. She went to school at SVA for 2D Animation.

Update week 10


I got more stamps& coffee bags that I ordered! I can use them for the photoshoots.

I had a typo on the stamp, so I had to curve it out and glue it with X-acto knife (d to p). Through this mistake I accepted my lack of English and learned that I MUST use Spelling Checks, which all the Adobe programs have. I am also planning to go to the writing center for the process books today.

Since Utica Proud Project is done, we can fully focus on the personal project in Thanksgiving Weekend. During this break, I will do the photoshoots for the advertisement, and make a short motion graphic/ Cinemagraph. I’m excited!