Week 1 / inspiration

Inspiration: Shakspur


William Shakespeare was the baddest bisexual of the 16th century. His work is continually growing and being re-adapted by modern artists and performers. Once you get past all of the -eths, -hos, and pretentious scholars making tests out of it, his plays are fun and remain relevant no matter the time or place.


My inspiration is artist Ronit Baranga. She is an Israeli sculptor that works with clay to create creepy pieces that seem to burst from the two dimensional space and come alive. (more…)

Zoe Persico

“Doe, a Deer”

Zoe Persico is an illustrator who has worked for DreamWorks TV, Sesame workshop, and Little Golden Books. Her work has inspired me because of her experimentation with textures and light.

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Joel Plosz


Joel Plosz is a New York based animator and illustrator that creates unique, stylized graphics. He currently works as a motions graphic designer for Mashable. I find his simple color schemes and geometric style highly appealing due to the simplicity of the work. I find him inspiring because he proves that less can definitely be more when it comes to design.

Michael Mapes


I was inspired by Michael-Mapes art works. He use photographs of each part of human body and place them to make bigger picture.

Deconstructionism is a form of postmodernism art. French philosopher Jacques Berria describes deconstructionism theory where “uncertainty and self-awareness are now the issue at hand rather than take and beauty and this redefines our notion of aesthetic judgement” (Destruction as an Aesthetic Theory)

Deconstructionism could be expressed as collage, distort of image, etc.