ASSIGNMENT 5: Due in Lab 9/21/17 or 9/22/17
  1. Post an update to your personal project in Category: Week 3 – Update.
    The update must include at a minimum: one image and a caption.

Last week you should have used mind mapping to select your topic and submitted a written Creative Brief.

Now is the time for in-depth research about what you are doing. Collect artifacts and examples of inspiration, competitors in your area, and information about your targeted audience. All of this will need to be included in your process book. Be prepared to discuss and share your progress in our lab class.

2. Utica Proud Brainstorming and Research

Bring a list of 20 things to be proud of in Utica. It can be anything: Person, place, thing, historical, or contemporary.

Be prepared to use Design Thinking to map out a plan to expand and collaborate with Utica Proud.


John Bentham LECTURE


Tuesday, September 19, 2017
7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute
Museum of Art Auditorium
Open to all students
John will be presenting work from two new projects, View From the Road: Rusted Hopes and Dirt Track Auto Racing, in addition to updated photographs from Daytona Bike Week. Following the digital presentation John will share photography tips and techniques, ending with a Q&A session.
benthamJohn Bentham is an award-winning photographer specializing in documentary projects and portraiture. His photographs have been exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto, Paris, New Orleans, Tokyo, Prague and Oaxaca, Mexico, and have garnered accolades from Nikon, Photo District News, Kodak, Magnum Photos, The New York Times, The Imaging Alliance and The Maine Media Workshops. His clients and publications include AUDI, Life Magazine, Mercedes-Benz, Newsweek, People Magazine, Pfizer, Rolling Stone, Sony, Time Magazine, United Technologies and Vanity Fair. See more of Johns work at www.johnbentham.com


Personal Projects

ASSIGNMENT 4: Due in Lab 9/14/17 or 9/15/17

Creative Brief –

Be sure to include: student name, contact information and username for comd2018.wordpress.com, the name of project, your objective or purpose statement, intended audience, method of production, projected budget, and deadline dates. Please fit and print all information on your personal letterhead: pagesize 8.5 x 11 inches.  


Procedure: Begin brainstorming project choices. Select a minimum of three project ideas. Use mind mapping techniques to expand and analyze the options. Once a project is chosen—begin developing a creative brief by answering the following questions.

WHAT…is the challenge we’re facing?
  • Background information
  • State the objective or purpose of the project
WHO…are we going to be talking to (and/or who are we speaking for)?
  • Who is the target audience, and what do they care about?
  • Who are the stakeholders on our side, and what’s important to them?
HOW…are we going to get this done?
  • Deliverables
    What needs to be created? (Remember, this may change.)
  • Distribution
    How will it be rolled out to the audience?
  • Materials and Budget
    What will we need to produce it? What are the available resources and what do we need to purchase? How much will it cost?
WHEN…does everything need to happen?
  • Weekly online updates on comd2018.wordpress.com
  • Week 1: Inspiration Post
  • Week 2: Creative Brief
  • Week 8: MIDTERM Prototype EVALUATION, 10/17
  • Week 14: FINAL Process Book PRESENTATION, 11/28


ASSIGNMENT 3: Due 9/12/17

POST Category: WEEK 2 / personal project:
Introduce your personal project (minimum one image and a caption)
image must be less than 2 mb
You may add more information with the [ Insert Read More Tag ]


First web post Category: Week 1 / Inspiration

Must include image with a caption or small amount of text.

If more is included – insert READ MORE TAG.

Embedded Video may be placed and all Images must be less than 2 mb.


RAP Reader

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 5.55.44 PMrapwebreader

READING Assignment: : Pages: (1 – 15) and (24 – 35)

Also, begin collecting samples of visual inspiration – use any method of collection you feel comfortable with. Example: Pinterest.com, digital folders or even clippings to start.

Homework Assignment 1

HOMEWORK: Due at beginning of Lab Class.
  1. Completed Questionnaire
  2. Printed copy of your current resume
  3. A digital profile image in square format – (if not a head shot, in addition please also include a headshot)
    – Minimum size: 5 inches wide
    – 150 dpi
    – Must be RGB
    –  jpg format
  4. Typed Bio that states who you are. 120 word limit.  – .txt format    (Calibri 12 point)  if you have it.
  5. Be prepared to present what you have to class during Lab Session.

EXAMPLES of Designer Bios:

Stefan Sagmeister (born August 6, 1962) is a New York-based graphic designerstoryteller, and typographer. Sagmeister co-founded a design firm called Sagmeister & Walsh Inc. with Jessica Walsh in New York City. He has designed album covers for Lou ReedOK GoThe Rolling StonesDavid ByrneJay ZAerosmith and Pat Metheny.

Daniel Brokstad is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator from Norway, who’s often traveling all over the world and can currently be found living and working in New York.

Joe Owens is a graphic designer, photographer, and printmaker attending PrattMWP College of Art and Design—the Upstate campus of Pratt Institute located in Utica, New York. When he is not in school, he resides in Rochester, NY.

Originally from Pennsylvania, Kristina Selinski is a current student at Pratt Institute in Utica, New York, studying Communications Design with a focus in Advertising Art Direction.  Her work has been recognized in Pratt Portfolios, Sewer Magazine Volume 1, The Fly Nation, and Basement Made. Most recently, Selinski was selected as a 2017 “Student to Watch” in GD USA Magazine.




Bob Smith won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry, twice. He invented air. He’s currently the head of Amazingness at Wonderment University.