$ |Dollar Sign


Inspired by the pyramid on the back of the dollar bill, and triangle shape of the street signs.




bitcoin final.jpg

I made two different pixel animations to represent Bitcoin, currently the most well known trending cryptocurrency.  I decided to go with pixel animation to reflect the fact that it’s a digital currency and does not carry a physical form.

Dollar Sign

My dollar sign was inspired by this poster I found on Pinterest that is playing with color channels, and I looked at old advertisements that used fonts playing with exaggerated forms.

I started out with drawing different dollar signs with an ink brush and I made a vector out of my scanned design. The final piece is to the right was done y putting the vector image in photoshop and changing the values of the RGB channels.




This is a currency symbol for Thai Baht. I drew inspiration from Thai alphabets to create a “B” symbol that has visual influences from Thai letters.

At first, I had a completely different design for my symbol, since it was a bit too extra for a letter “B”, I did some minor changes and added serifs. I experimented with different stroke sizes and colors, and I ended up with this design.