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Got my revised short story back. It’s been graded and commented on. I might go for some more slight revisions. Also, I came up with a title for it. Here’s a sneak peak of the first page.

update 9



Utica’s Very Own Dish


Anything that is famous has to start somewhere.  So what does Utica have to offer to the world?  Chicken riggies aka Utica Riggies.  This dish is present in almost all of Utica’s Italian restaurants.  The Chesterfield Restaurant however claims to have made the dish famous.  They had the Chicken Riggies on their menu since 1989.


Week 4 Update


I decided to use my short story that I wrote for my Creative Writing class for this project.  Here are some basic notes of the characters that are in my story.  Currently editing my story.  I’m going to sketch these characters soon along with some panels.