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Artboard 1

TRUE wireframe art

Extreme sports began their rise to stardom in the mid 1980’s, since they ratings have continued to climb and with it inherent risk. Extreme athletes and daredevils alike push themselves to the absolute limits in the name of insanity despite the risks. Unlike most sports a mistake in an extreme sport most often results in death. This info-graphic was created to shed light on the injuries and fatalities behind extreme sports. The accompanying “Project Truth” image was created to honor the victims of extreme sports accidents using news headlines related to their deaths.

portrait by nuick

Sage Lilly is a New York based Illustrator and designer currently studying at PrattMWP. His work is inspired by nature and world around us, relying heavily on his own experiences. He is currently available to work with clients.


Extreme Ways to Die

Have you ever sat down, watched the news and thought to yourself “wow what a boring way to die.”, yeah me neither. But there are some semi-interesting statistics relating to extreme sports and the injuries re20180417_215401lated to them, with my info-graphic I hope to display these numbers in a pleasing way while throwing some personal touches in. I think many people will be surprised by how safe many extreme sports actually are and how dangerous others tend to be.