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Marcela Monko is a Connecticut based designer and artist now studying at the art school, Pratt Institute, majoring in Communications Design. Illustration and Graphic Design being her primary focus, Marcela hopes to become a graphic designer and work at a Design agency once she graduates college.

Week 7

Process Book Presentation:



Week 6

After experimenting with typography in my last poster, I began to get really inspired while I was gathering inspiration. Stefan Sagmeister definitely was one of those inspirations because I really appreciated the way his company, Sagmeister & Walsh, incorporated typography in their ads. Here are some examples:3b7f3a407440971714d184fe8b2d9eb2.jpg



Rutger Park Text

Historic Rutger Park Mansions

The Lost Park of Beautiful Victorian Houses

In the Historic district of Utica, Rutger Street contains 63 Victorian Italian style buildings and houses. The most important and highly acclaimed historical building reside in the private park, called Rutger Park. These 5 secluded building represent the Elitist Utican society in the 1800’s, demonstrating the wealth and the exquisite architecture of the buildings.

Munn’s Castlefullsizeoutput_1ae0.jpeg

Munn’s Castle, the first building in the historical complex, is most well know and regarded by the citizens of Utica and the States. Built in 1852, this “castle” was designed by one of the most well renown architects of the Italian Gothic Era, Alexander Jackson Davis. His work includes: the US Customs House in NYC, The Wadsworth Atheneum in Hartford CT, and the Lyndhurst in Tarrytown, NY. The house was designed in the Italianate style, but was considered an Irregular Villa. The Italianate Style can be categorized into many styles of buildings designed by Davis. Davis’s architectural plan of the home can be found at the MET. The home attracted rich families to Utica and was itself residential before 1950. But in 1950, it became a nursing facility, and then abandoned. Munn’s Castle represented the hight of the Gothic Era, and exemplified the genius of the Architect who built it.

Ruscoe Conkling House


DSC_0431The Ruscoe Conkling House, is the third building and significant historical importance in Rutger Park. Built in the 1830, this building was designed and built by architect, Philip Hooker in the Greek Revival style. It was originally named the “Miller-Conkling-Kernan House”, and completed by the Miller family during its construction. The first owner, Roscoe Conkling purchased and moved into the home in 1863. At that time, Mr. Conkling was a powerful and controversial politician, he lead the angry outbursts that became the assassination of President James Garfeild. The original hip roofed brick house was covered with grey stucco to look like rock. The building soon changed after that and had ongoing renovations by the new owner, Nicholas Kernan; he added a two story East wing, a porch, dormer and chimney tops. More recently, the building was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1975, and in 2005 was listed for sale. The Ruscoe Conkling House represented the glory of the Greek Revival style in the American Victorian Era.





Week 5

This week, I decided to step back from my personal project and do a new kind of poster. This poster was a fun quick advertisement poster I made for Vaseline. I practiced typography by hand drawing the type. This was made traditionally, with pen and marker. I wanted to illustrate that Vaseline is actually “Good Stuff”, it was multifunctional, and a good product. Putting the hand and the finger acts as an element to juxtapose and play with the actual vaseline, as if someone is about to stick their finger in it. So in a way, this does stick with my poster theme, but helps me explore advertisement as well.


Poster update

I have decided on the first topic of my poster, and because I want to make posters on controversial relevant topic, I decided to tackle the ERA aka the equal rights act. I will be adapting the Russian Constructivist movement that I learned from ComD History, but with a modern, more minimalistic approach, much like the style of the Harry Potter posters by the Designer Group: MinaLima. I really like their unique poster design and subtle Russian constructivist techniques. Now I will incorporate that style and bust out the first poster.  (more…)

Poster Update

For my poster series, I have to do a lot of research in order to find styles and designers that I would like to incorporate. I have checked out many poster books, annuals and illustration books to look at the different styles of posters that existed. I’ve then been writing the names down of the designers or design companies and will use them as a reference later. I also checked out a book on the creative process, much like what we are learning in class how to do. So by referencing to this book, I get to gain more knowledge on the process and inspires me to continue doing my research and preparing and planning for the Final result.