Author: snamey

Sidney Namey attends Munson Williams Proctor Arts Institute where she studies Communications Design with a focus in illustration. When she is not in school, she resides in a rural town near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Letter Patterns

Garamond 3 LT Std Regular

2, 2, 9, H, 0


Dollar Sign

My dollar sign design was inspired by initials written in old scripts for seal stamps. Giddyup was my inspiration for the handling of the line through the middle. My first sketch is on the right, and my final design is in the center.

Coloring Pages

I had my mother print out and give my coloring pages to Piper. At first she thought they were mean because I love to tease her, but she really likes attention so she came around. She asked why I only gave her a few pages and not a whole book. I’m definitely going to continue my project and keep drawing Piper’s stories.

Pipeface: A handwritten font

This week, I created the font “Pipeface” out of Piper’s handwriting using

I’m going to use the font in my process book and illustrations.

This is a spread from my process book using the font and a photo taken during Thanksgiving break.Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 12.19.47 AM