Author: sherryjens

Originally from Thailand, Sherry Jensiriwanich is a current student at PrattMWP in Utica, New York. She is majoring in communication design with a focus in advertisement. She has designed t-shirts to help raise funds for natural disasters, designed logo and packaging for "Baking for a Change" project. Her other passions are photography, traveling, fitness, and cooking.

Week 8 Update

This week I created a small collage of the interior of  my boba tea place. My idea is to have white walls, white or wooden counter, black board to list the menu, and glass for the store front. There will be limited seating as most of the customers are togo customers that grab and go. I aim to incorporate simplicity and neatness in the interior to create a relaxed and welcoming environment for tea lovers.

Interior moodboard


Update wk5

This week I have decided on the name of my boba tea brand. I also did have friends and people I know vote for my potential logo design. I’m planning to have a pig on the logo because it’s different and eye catching, also a reason why I remember some bubble tea brands over others.



Min Htet Win Market Text



An Asian Flavor in Downtown Utica

Min Htet Win is an Asian market owned by Burmese people. The current locationhas been opened si
nce 2013.

Min Htet Win sells many things from Southeast Asian countries such as Myanmar, Cambodia, and Thailand, also Indian products. They have fresh produce ranging P1590856.JPGfrom fresh sliced ginger, a variety of mushrooms, fresh fruits, to vegetables. When you enter the store the cashiers are on the left hand side, there are about three registers and with amiable cashiers behind them. There is a huge TV screen that overlooks the whole store since there are many corners and aisles, so they have a lot of security cameras around the store.


The supermarket not only has fresh produce that are delivered to the supermarket once or twice per week. They also have Indian groceries which cater to the Indian customers

P1590846living in the area. Indian groceries such as halal food items, beans, frozen samosas, and even parathas. They also hold many products from Thailand, including beverages such as green tea, Mogu Mogu drinks, and soy milk. In addition, they have a lot of Thaisnacks including chips, fruit snacks, and instant noodles. They also have a huge variety of personal care products which include over eight different scents of baby powders from a certain brand, which I find fascinating. This really struck me since I have never seen such a variety of imported products from Southeast Asia in the US before.

This really ties the community together and I think it is an important factor to keep the culture alive. People are still cooking their native countries’ food after decades of being in Utica.

Project Update wk3

For the project update, I found inspiration of other boba tea brands that I know and tried before. For example, boba guys is one of my favorites because the concept of the store is simplicity. Everything is black and white, straightforward, and easy to understand. For the competitors competitors in my area, I only know two to three different boba places. I am planning to create a menu first.