Author: sherryjens

Originally from Thailand, Sherry Jensiriwanich is a current student at PrattMWP in Utica, New York. She is majoring in communication design with a focus in advertisement. She has designed t-shirts to help raise funds for natural disasters, designed logo and packaging for "Baking for a Change" project. Her other passions are photography, traveling, fitness, and cooking.




This is a currency symbol for Thai Baht. I drew inspiration from Thai alphabets to create a “B” symbol that has visual influences from Thai letters.

At first, I had a completely different design for my symbol, since it was a bit too extra for a letter “B”, I did some minor changes and added serifs. I experimented with different stroke sizes and colors, and I ended up with this design.



Week 14

This week I applied my vinyl cut stickers onto glass and had a mini photoshoot. I’m very happy on how everything turned out. I decided to use real tea with milk on the middle and right glass, and hazelnut milk tea is on the very left.

FullSizeRender 6.jpg


Week 11 Update

This week I experimented with different stroke thickness of my logo. I used big sharpie pens, regular sharpie pens, black Muji ink pen, and a regular black pen. I will use this as a reference to digitize my logo which will be vinyl cut and pasted on glass.



Week 10

I visited Boba Guys this weekend in the city. Hopefully, I can put my logo on a glass cup as a mock up for my project. I also explored the unique factors of this boba tea place as it is now very popular. The iconic aardvark makes this place stand out and memorable. Therefore, I hope to create a memorable logo that will touch the hearts of my customers as well.


Week 9

This week, I started researching on inspirations for my drink menu. The finished look will be clean and simplistic. I also searched for other interior elements to be added to my store to accommodate both night/day time atmospheres. For example, neon signs would make a great photo spot and it adds a friendly surrounding for boba tea buyers.