Author: sherryjens

Originally from Thailand, Sherry Jensiriwanich is a current student at PrattMWP in Utica, New York. She is majoring in communication design with a focus in advertisement. She has designed t-shirts to help raise funds for natural disasters, designed logo and packaging for "Baking for a Change" project. Her other passions are photography, traveling, fitness, and cooking.

Personal Project

For my personal project, I will create a brand for boba tea. As boba tea is loved by many people, I strive to create boba tea that is healthy for everyone. This will be a branding project where I create the concept, brand story, menus, packaging, and other elements that go into opening a boba place.  On the side, I will also be doing a miniature book project which I’ll be drawing tiny pictures every day. By doing something everyday, one will learn a lot about certain thing, so I just want to do another small project that goes along with this.