Author: romeobronx

Romario a.k.a. Romeo was born in Bronx, New York and is an inspiring illustrator.


20171208_001856 (1)

I have started buying supplies for my personal project. I bought products like Sakura Pigma Micron Pens(got them in multiple sizes) as well I got more mechanical pencils(0.3,0.5, and 0.7mm). I also got the paper I’ll be using for my manga Canson Bristol 11 in x 14 in.



I have finished my outline and I am finally working my script for my comic book. I’ve also started working on designs for the main antagonist for the story. The Professor is a man who is planning to destroy half of NewYork to revive a great evil. There are also sketches of each character that plays an important role within the story.


I am finishing up my outline and will start writing the script for my comic over the weekend. I have also started on thumbnails for the cover and began reading, “thinking with type” by Ellen Lupton in order to understand type. This is so I can learn about typography and incorporate it into my comic book.20171103_014357-1