Author: romeobronx

Romario a.k.a. Romeo was born in Bronx, New York and is an inspiring illustrator.

$ Project




I looked into different methods to color my manga. My first idea was watercolor but it’s too tedious and


So I Copic to use markers like decided Markers but those are really expensive. I looked into other decided to alternatives Markers so I can save money and I found Artist Loft’s Marker which are good alternatives. I learn this from another mangaka¬†Andrea Otilia Voros who is the creator of Saigami which is also published by Saturday AM.


Due to me learning about WhytManga it made want to use dip ink pens to ink my manga as that what most mangakas use to create their manga. I learned about the different nibs that are used in the trade like G nib, Spoon nib, School nib, Japanese nib, Mapping nib,and Soft Mapping nib. Right now I have all of these nibs but the G nib.

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I have started to write my script for my manga and began on drawing the alll cahracter that play an impotant role in the manga. I also found a mangaka that has his own youtube channel WhytManga. He does tutorials on how to properly create manga. He is the creator of Apple Black which is published by Saturday AM.



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I have started buying supplies for my personal project. I bought products like Sakura Pigma Micron Pens(got them in multiple sizes) as well I got more mechanical pencils(0.3,0.5, and 0.7mm). I also got the paper I’ll be using for my manga Canson Bristol 11 in x 14 in.