Author: romeobronx

Romario a.k.a. Romeo was born in Bronx, New York and is an inspiring illustrator.


I have finished my outline and I am finally working my script for my comic book. I’ve also started working on designs for the main antagonist for the story. The Professor is a man who is planning to destroy half of NewYork to revive a great evil. There are also sketches of each character that plays an important role within the story.



I am finishing up my outline and will start writing the script for my comic over the weekend. I have also started on thumbnails for the cover and began reading, “thinking with type” by Ellen Lupton in order to understand type. This is so I can learn about typography and incorporate it into my comic book.20171103_014357-1

One of Utica’s Oldest Barber Shop.

Giving the Freshest Cut for over a Century.

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Union Station Barber Shop is one of Utica’s oldest barber shop, being founded in 1913. The barber shop is under ownership of Leo Gilman and working with his son Grant Gilman. Leo took ownership of the shop after the previous owner Dan Creaco had retire after having the barber shop in his family for so many years. Many of the interior design of the shop had not been changed since 1915, and Leo intends to keep it that way.

“All these art deco mirrors and barber stations are right from 1915. Nothing has really changed. Danny never changed anything in here much at all and I plan on keeping it the same.”-Leo Gilman current owner of Union Station Barber Shop.