Author: Peter Corbin

Peter Corbin is a student at PrattMWP. He was born and raised in a small town in New York. Currently studying Communications Design, his work focuses on illustration, sculpture, writing, and poetry.

10: Has it actually worked?


Yes! Modern Lit is a mini-genre in itself. Modern renditions of “old” literature have been widely successful.


Week 5: Cindy Is Wild (And Kind)

Talking with my professor has lead me to change my project. It was pretty overwhelming. I’m going to develop a process book on 10 heroes of mine.

This is an exciting project. My current path in life and who I’ve come to be is highly influenced by multiple artists and friends I’ve run into over the years. It will be fun to show ways they’ve influenced me and my current work.

Thanks Cindy!


The Q Center: Type

A place for those seeking community and change.


Sticker on the door of the Q.

Taking Utica Pride literally, the Q Center is an organization that provides support and resources for LGBT individuals and families in the Mohawk Valley. Growing out of Syracuse, NY, they now have a center in Utica to care for and uplift the local community.