Author: Peter Corbin

Peter Corbin is a student at PrattMWP. He was born and raised in a small town in New York. Currently studying Communications Design, his work focuses on illustration, sculpture, writing, and poetry.

Personal Project: Modern Myth


For my personal project, I’m going to bring the old tales of Greek Mythology back with a twist by placing the gods and goddesses in modern day New York City. This will require me to tweak (and even uproot) some details from the original stories. The narrative will be done in comic/sequential form with plenty of humor and pop culture references. I don’t plan to employ a soundtrack like Disney’s “Hercules”, but it will still be lots of fun.


Inspiration: Shakspur


William Shakespeare was the baddest bisexual of the 16th century. His work is continually growing and being re-adapted by modern artists and performers. Once you get past all of the -eths, -hos, and pretentious scholars making tests out of it, his plays are fun and remain relevant no matter the time or place.