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Nicole Abrokwa, born January 7, 1997 is a current student at Pratt Institute in Utica, New York, Studying Communications Design with a focus in Illustration. When she is not in school She is continuously immersing herself in art. After graduating she plans to pursue a career in illustration living in New York City.

Week 9 Update

I’m still continuing the research process.  I want my process book to be filled with lots of content. I’ve altered the list of my original women. I really think representation is important, so I want every woman to be able to see themselves in this project.  I’m also doing women who are not well known, because I want to bring awareness and whats the point if everyone is already aware to them.

Week 8 Update


So right now Im focusing on research instead of developing my project.  I’ve gathered a lot of quotes from different women so I’ll post one I thought was nice this one was said by Oprah Winfrey.

Week 5 Update

I’ve made different silhouettes for my project at first I started with a simple black silhouette but a critique I received was that it was two scary so I’m back to the drawing board to think of new color palettes.  I wish I had a picture, but I just got a new laptop and I was unaware that there is no USB port so I have to buy an adapter.

St Joseph’s and St Patrick’s


A Church Like no Other

St. Joseph’s & St. Patrick’s Church

Founded in 1841, St. Joseph’s & St Patrick’s Church is the oldest diocese in the area. Construction started in 1871 and the church was completed by 1882. Originally knowns as only St. Joseph’s the church merged with the neighboring St Patrick’s church in 1966.

Located on 702 Columbia St sits an unassuming Catholic Church, but just like any Catholic Church it is the interior that sweeps you off your feet. St Joseph’s & St Patrick’s church may seem like your usual catholic church but its deep history sets it apart from many others. This year will mark 176 years that the church has been open , but it’s not just it’s history that makes this church special.


Ive decided that I’m going to draw the silhouettes of pivotal women withe a quote beside them to help people guess.  I plan to do this on social media every week or month.  A day after I post the silhouette with the quote I will post a portrait of that specific woman.  The image is a silhouette of Beyonce.Beyonce-Formation-Tour-Pictures