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Nicole Abrokwa, born January 7, 1997 is a current student at Pratt Institute in Utica, New York, Studying Communications Design with a focus in Illustration. When she is not in school She is continuously immersing herself in art. After graduating she plans to pursue a career in illustration living in New York City.

Prison Reform

Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at 10.08.54 PMPrison, when used appropiately is created to reduce crime by preventing its repetition.  Those who were incarcerated are expected to return to society as upstanding members who have learned their lesson. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The conditions in prison are not conducive to reforming individuals, there are racial disparities and instead of dangerous criminals being locked there are many people incarcerated for non violent offenses. This infographic serves to inform the reader of the injustices in the prison system.


Update 14

I’ve spell checked and I’m ready to print.  First I’ll print my book so I can put pictures of my final into my process book.  Unfortunately I had a printing error so I have to reprint.  5 dollars down the drain but it’s ok.  I still haven’t decided how ill bind it yet.

Update 13

I’m reaching the finishing point with my book and process book.  Process will be posted as well.  Im excited with my results.  I’ve made a lot of changes and have gone through lack of motivation with this project but I feel somewhat content now. I guess it’s all about the process.

Update 12

As I’m working on my book I’m also thinking of ways to bind the book.  Originally I was just going to do a saddle stick, but if I keep on adding more content, there might be too many pages. Plus I would like to try something different.

Update 11

As I was working on my process book Cindy saw it and felt that it should be an actual book.  This changes my original plan of my final project being based on social media.  Now I’ll have a tangible finished project, so I think its a good idea.  I’ll post some process of my book below. This is the cover of my Pivotal Women book.Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 5.25.31 PM

Update 10

Ive begun making a new process book. I’ve revamped my design and my focus is on simplicity. The colors will be a deep red and white. All the images I use will be in black and white and the font I’ll use is Futura.

Week 9 Update

I’m still continuing the research process.  I want my process book to be filled with lots of content. I’ve altered the list of my original women. I really think representation is important, so I want every woman to be able to see themselves in this project.  I’m also doing women who are not well known, because I want to bring awareness and whats the point if everyone is already aware to them.