Author: mengyaoxue

Melissa Xue Communications design at PrattMWP

Personal Project

I have decided to change my personal project idea. I would like to work on stamps on envelopes and how they effect the letter. Most stamps are simple with little types of art in them. I would like to create a small series of stamps with a cartoon version of the place.

I will include some normal stamps on the bottom.





For my personal project, I did a piece of color pencil and watercolor to express color importance in a drawing. I combined every color of the rainbow in this piece to explore different color combinations.


katy lipscomb

Kaaty Lipscomb is a female illustrator from Athens, Georgia. She uses bright colors and animals to draw exciting designs and illustrations. With all these bright colors, Lipscomb inspired me to test out new color combinations.


agnes cecile

Agnes Cecile is a female artist born in Rome on October of 1991. Cecile draws with a focus on the human eyes and face. She uses different colors to express the human expression. Her work made me fall in love with watercolor and expression.