Author: markpei97

Mark Pei is a Communication Design student in Utica, NY pursuing a BFA with Pratt Institute. Mark knew he wanted to pursue design ever since an opportunity in high school to design a magazine he founded. With a concentration in Graphic Design at Pratt, he is working on a vast range of design projects, both personal and community focused. Mark has experience designing logos, posters, illustrations, and product branding. He is currently working on an independent branding project called MIX MAG, a magazine focused on collaborating with local artists. Mark is excited to continue learning more about the design industry and exploring more into his practice. Offline, Mark tries to experience a variety of art as much as possible. He enjoys traveling with his family and friends, painting, photography, playing traditional instruments, and getting inspiration from nature and his native culture. Mark was inspired at an early age by the artwork in Mogao Caves of Dunhuang in China. He enjoyed the narrative illustrations and exploring the combination of art and nature. He believes design is the translation from nature to technology, and he enjoys the different perceptions from audiences to his design. He dreams to be a graphic designer who can combine the variety of screen work with the simplicity of real world.

Personal project update

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week 10: This week start to organize the collected project sources and start to build website and magazine visual layout.


The Proud Past of Genesee Street 

Looking back into the old landmarks Downtown Utica, and how the city came to be. Although most of these buildings and other popular businesses no longer exist, Utica still holds onto a rich and proud history.


Genesee Street, known to be one of the most recognized streets in Utica, New York, holds a great amount of history and legacies that records the beautiful memory of Utica. It runs from old Deerfield Corners, on the Mohawk Turnpike in present Utica, west to beyond New Hartford, in which six miles it is built up the entire distance. A lot of Utica’s finest business buildings and residences lie on Genesee Street.