Author: markpei97

Mark Pei was born in Gansu, China and recently live and study in Utica, NY. He is now a Communication Design student with a focus on graphic design at Pratt Institute, Utica. He seeks to convince the viewer how he interprets product into his art.

Personal Project




The main idea of this project is that students could communicate ideas and encourages hybrid collaboration. I got a lot of new inspirations when I have experience of collaborating with different artists. Thus I really want to start a project to build a community or create a stage for more artists to have fun with collaboration and explore more unique ideas. This project’s aim is to promote the development of art student on campus and connect more audience from public with educative talks, workshops, online post and a publication. Also, I found inspirations from the Pica magazine: “Pica is a playground where errors are encourage and boundaries pushed”( I really want to use this project to challenge myself with social communication and learn more from other artists during collaborating.


Fundraising / Advertising/  Communicating





Viktor Hertz

Viktor Hertz is a graphic designer and filmmaker. I really enjoy his design style, especially for this personal project: Pictogram music posters. He designed simple illustrations for different songs by different artists. The ideas are fun, interesting and crazy. I found them inspiring because the extremely simple style in all those designs is very convincing and attractive, and they give different objects new definitions with even more fun to audience.