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It's okayJust another digital version of my idea to get the message across to those who are not looking for help. One day it’ll be real, but I never said that okay? Okay.


The Body Building Mecca…

…Of Upstate New York

P6620036Body Alive is a fantastic gym for pros and beginners alike. They are well equipped with free weights and almost every machine you can think of, and staffed with helpful employees that want only to help every person that walks through their door to better themselves and reach personal goals. The community found inside Body Alive embodies Utica in every way possible. At first glance it may appear to be a dark forgotten dungeon, filled with metal, rubber, and fabric that would normally have no use, but is actually so much more. It is full of beautiful people, who while are complete strangers, share a common goal and respect for one another as they attempt to reach that goal. From new comers to the professionals (like the now Mr. Universe Melvin Ortiz) there is no judgment or air of superiority that one may find in other gyms. These self proclaimed “gym-rats” will teach you how these simple heavy bars can teach you a work ethic and gain true self confidence that is lacking in so many people today.

I hope to learn more of the history of Body Alive through an interview with the main man and owner some time soon. With questions such as:

  • Are you originally from Utica?
  • When did Body Alive open?
  • What made you want to open a gym?
  • Do you think that getting into the habit of going to the gym can teach a person anything, and if so, then what?
  • Do you think this gym attracts a certain type of person?
  • What makes you Utica Proud?