Author: kbesenty

Katie Besenty is an illustration major at PrattMWP.

Week 6


im creating my process book.


Forest Hill Cemetery


History Rests Here

grave fog

Forest Hill was founded  in 1848, by a group of locals to provide a need for the growing city of the day.  The old cemetery was already over-crowded, and the city needed a newer place.  A meeting of citizens was held, and it was decided that Forest Hill would become the new cemetery. The grounds were designed with an artistic sense by Almeron Hotchkiss.

Another project was to obtain and safely transfer the scared stone of the Oneida Nation. The Oneida Nation was named after this stone, as “Oneida” means “keeper of the stone”. In June of 1950, an official opening ceremony was held, and it became an important step in the life of a small and growing city.


I changed my mind about doing title cards, and decided to move onto a fake movie poster, because I really liked the project we did on it last year. I did research on made up movie posters, and I found a few I liked. This gave me some ideas and inspiration on how to do mine.