Author: Kasey Roberts

Kasey Roberts is an illustrator from Unity, ME. Based in both Utica and Brooklyn, NY, Kasey studies Communication Design at Pratt Institute of Art with a focus in illustration. Already working for Lynette Loomis on her next children’s book, Kasey has already found connections and ways into the professional art world, while also experimenting with new mediums and styles. She has found her likes and passions through various forms of art, and her art was featured in shows in both Maine, and New York. Kasey also loves to travel, and after she completes her art studies in New York City, she hopes to move out of the country to a bigger city to pursue her dream in illustration and animation.


For my film I am continuing to film and get what I can get done by the end of the semester. I will continue to work just as hard on the actual filming and hand-drawn animations, as well as show another trailer for my end of the semester presentation. I also will work on movie posters to show for my both my presentation and process book as well as put both on social media and Behance.

I’m feeling really good about this project as a whole- despite the fact that this project will be finished more in the winter/spring time I am still just as excited and will continue to work on it until it’s COMPLETELY DONE. I’d rather take my time to make it amazing rather than rush it and to get it done sooner than later.

I want it done by second semester and ready to show and I want it to be great, which is why I’m taking my time on making it nothing but great.

I’m determined to get it done and to make it look as amazing as I envision it to be. After thanksgiving break I will have my posters, new trailer, and process book nearly done.



For this week, I am trying to fit as much filming as possible and to work around people’s busy schedules (it’s hard). For now while I wait, I came up with the film soundtrack and I should finish the opening and editing credits by tonight. MY MAIN GOAL FOR THIS WEEKEND AND NEXT WEEK IS TO FILM SO THAT I CAN BE DONE OR CLOSE TO DONE BY THANKSGIVING BREAK. I will also do some more animations tonight as well.

Here is the soundtrack list for my short film (all from Purple Planet):

1.) Mountain Breeze (trailer song)


3.) Tranquility

4.) Daybreak

5.) Far and Wide

I chose a smaller playlist as this film will be 10-15 minutes long in total runtime.


This week has been very busy, so I’ve only planned some animations, more on the story, and re-casted some people. Luckily, this weekend will be rainy and that’s perfect for filming. After my show (which I’ve been prepping for), I will be filming with the new cast members and by next week start piecing everything together as well as look further into movie posters. I also have been making progress on my process book and should be done by next week sometime.


My recent update includes a full script I wrote of the production, plus some continued edits. I have 4 scenes planned out so far, the events that I want to take place in order, and the timing of everything so that it goes smoothly to 10 minutes.

Update #6

This week, I have accomplished so much with my project. I finished the first trailer, I did a lot of editing and revising, I began with one small animations to include, and I’ve been thinking ahead as to what to film next, what will happen next in the film. Next week will be a much easier time to get more shots in, and in some parts I may end up re-casting some people due to how available they are, but it’s alright because I’ll find a new approach.

In class, I will present my slideshow based on my process book (which so far I only have text for, however this weekend I will add more style to it) and I will show my trailer to everyone and ask for some feedback as well. IMG_7065.JPG

All in all, I feel like this is coming together very nicely. I also decided to change the run time to 10 min., and by next week I want to possibly make some movie posters to go along with the first trailer. All I can say is, I’m happy to be on the right track right now!


Update #4

I filmed  lot in NYC (50 or so film clips!) and I am incorporating them into my opening in the editing process right now. It goes long well with my story so far, and I want to connect Utica and NYC to seem like it’s one place in my story. A lot of the shots I gained were on the road and subway so that I was able to get smooth turns and better camera angles.

Update #3

This week I put the video portions that I have and began to edit them in Premiere. I have some really good shots and I’m excited for what this project will turn out to be. I am also going to Manhattan this weekend and staying two nights there, and for a great percentage of the time I will be shooting video on the streets for this project. It’s the perfect time and opportunity to do so, and again, I can’t wait!

I also have an idea for casting and will have those shots in soon. I want to start filming the people after I return on Sunday from NYC.