Author: Kasey Roberts

Kasey Roberts is an illustrator from Unity, ME. Based in both Utica and Brooklyn, NY, Kasey studies Communication Design at Pratt Institute of Art with a focus in illustration. Already working for Lynette Loomis on her next children’s book, Kasey has already found connections and ways into the professional art world, while also experimenting with new mediums and styles. She has found her likes and passions through various forms of art, and her art was featured in shows in both Maine, and New York. Kasey also loves to travel, and after she completes her art studies in New York City, she hopes to move out of the country to a bigger city to pursue her dream in illustration and animation.

Personal Project: Short Film with 2D animation

For my personal project, I want to create a short film based on the perspective of an artist v.s the perspectives of other people. The film would be black and white and include little to no speech; I want the only pops of color to be from the animations coming from the artist’s point of view and I want the art and emotions from other people to be the speech in this film rather than physical speech. I will also have sounds and music to tell the story, and the animations would be hand drawn animations. This film will take the most time and effort in the animation process rather than the film and editing processes, but it’s a challenge that I’m willing to take on. Below are the plans for this project, storyboard will be posted soon.IMG_2622.JPGIMG_6270edited.jpg


Tadanori Yokoo

44544f2ccbd378a66db33a48c2849871--japanese-graphic-design-collage-design Tadanori Yokoo is a Japanese illustrator born in 1936. He made his first impressions in the art world during World War II, and is most influenced by Dadaism, surrealism, contemporary Japanese culture, and pop-art. He was also involved with Ukiyo-e, the art movement lasting from the 17th, to the 19th century and his first professional art job was making theatrical posters for a local theater in Tokyo. With his unique style, which includes both commercial art and fine art, Yokoo was able to later be known for his art both nationally, and internationally. In 1972, he had his first solo exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. To me, he is an inspiration as I see my own art style similar to his; I love vibrant colors, patterns and techniques that he incorporates into his pieces, mixed media, and art that is both strong in appearance and strong in the message it’s giving off to its viewers. I want to eventually become a strong illustrator like Yokoo, and have people see my art in the same way as his.

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