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Kaitlyn Cammer is a graphic designer from Bel Air, Maryland. She has worked on various catalogs, calendars, logos, and illustrations for a variety of companies and businesses. She currently attends Pratt Institute School of Design in Brooklyn, NY.

Weekly update 9

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This week I continued working on the weekly pages in my planner. (more…)

Week 5 Update


Personal Project Update

This week I completed my set goal of finishing six pages for my project. I included yearly overviews with the days of each month for the years 2018 and 2019. I also included four tables to write down contacts. Next week I plan to finish six more pages.


St. Volodymyr’s, The Great Ukrainian Catholic Church

Giving Back to the Community One Pierogi at a Time

If you’ve ever been down Genesee Street or to the Munson-Williams-Proctor Museum of Art, odds are you’ve glimpsed a peek at the beautiful exterior of St. Volodymyr’s, one of Utica’s many churches. If you’ve gotten a closer look, you may have even seen the church’s small pierogi sign, a delicious dish that they are well known in the Utica area for. To give back to the community and raise money to fund the church, volunteers flock to St. Volodymyr’s to help prepare the pierogies and cabbage rolls every Friday during each spring and fall. Each October the preparation begins for the annual Ukrainian Festival, hosted by the church itself. For almost three weeks before the big day, approximately twenty-five volunteers gather in the Church’s auditorium to make over one thousand pierogies to sell at the festival. In addition to filling local Utican’s bellies with delicious food, the church also sets out to help Utica’s teenage community. The Church’s Parish has transformed the rectory into a sanctuary for wayward teens. Overall, the church aims to accept and support everyone that comes through, whether they’re looking for a place to feel safe, or to enjoy a savory meal.

A Celebration of Culture

From the second you walk through the doors of St. Volodymyr’s, an inviting aroma of delicious pierogies and cabbage wafts through the air. The upbeat sound of traditional Ukrainian music resonates throughout the cozy room of the rectory. There are friendly faces everywhere you look, most of them strangers, but all of them inviting and kind, as if you are dear friends who have known each other for years. This is the scene I walked into Saturday evening at Utica’s annual Ukrainian Festival. There I was, an out of place college kid walking into a culture I knew nothing about with not a familiar face in sight. I stuck out like a sore thumb amongst the other Ukrainian folk, but they welcomed me as if I was one of their own. This is the attitude that they have at St. Volodymyr’s. They are the embodiment of the religion that they practice, always offering their help and hospitality and never turning anyone away. As I sat there eating the delicious pierogies and cabbage that the hardworking volunteers had prepared, I couldn’t help but feel at home even though my actual home was over three hundred miles away.

Support the Church

If you wish to support the church, they sell Pierogies every Friday at 4 Cottage Place, Utica, NY 13502. They ask that you call and order ahead of time at 315-269-3679. You can also come out and support the Ukrainian community and culture at the annual Ukrainian Festival every October.

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