Author: KaitCamm

Kaitlyn Cammer is a graphic designer from Bel Air, Maryland. She has worked on various catalogs, calendars, logos, and illustrations for a variety of companies and businesses. She currently attends Pratt Institute School of Art's satellite campus, Pratt MWP in Utica, NY.

Personal Project: An Organizer for Extremely Unorganized People

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For my project I wanted to design something that would be helpful and something that people would use everyday. As a generally jumbled and forgetful person, I rely heavily on my planner to keep me organized and on track for the week. I want to design a planner for disorganized people like myself to use everyday. I’ve noticed that most planners are super boring though (*cough* Pratt’s *cough*) which doesn’t provide a lot of incentive to use it. I want to make a planner that’s visually appealing and relatable to the more creative, fun adults.