Author: KaitCamm

Kaitlyn Cammer is a graphic designer from Bel Air, Maryland. She has worked on various catalogs, calendars, logos, and illustrations for a variety of companies and businesses. She currently attends Pratt Institute School of Design in Brooklyn, NY.

Prescription Abuse in Nursing Homes

Artboard 1 copy@2x

TRUE art-01Prescription Abuse
For my project I wanted to focus on the abuse of antipsychotic medication by American nursing home staff. Many elders that reside in nursing homes are given antipsychotic medication that they do not need, simply because it makes them easier to handle and care for. Most of this is done without the consent or knowledge of the elder’s loved ones, which is absolutely unethical and unjust. I wanted to spread awareness of this disturbingly common issue, especially with the rapidly growing elderly population in America.


Finally Finished!

After finalizing my process book, I finally was able to print it out! To save paper and money, I decided to print booklet and saddle stitch my book instead of printing individual pages and spiral binding them like my last process book. I’m really happy with how it turned out, it’s so nice to have all of the hard work I did this semester and hold it in my hands!

Week 5 Update


Personal Project Update

This week I completed my set goal of finishing six pages for my project. I included yearly overviews with the days of each month for the years 2018 and 2019. I also included four tables to write down contacts. Next week I plan to finish six more pages.