Author: joshmahoski

Josh Mahoski is a graphic designer currently attending Pratt MWP. Prior to attending Pratt, Josh lived in Bridgewater New Jersey where he attended Somerset County Vocational Technical School(SCVTHS) part time, for graphic design and silk screen printing. While there he discovered his love for design and decided to make a career out of it. Josh is mainly inspired by music,specifically classic rock and blues. outside of graphic design, Josh also plays guitar and does martial arts.

Pet Adoption

infographic illustrations

In a world full of ongoing issues and conflicts, it’s nice to know there are some battles we are winning. Adoption rates in the U.S. have been at a record high, and Euthanasia at a record low. Even though things are looking up, hundreds of dogs and cats are still being put down due to overcrowded shelters. The point of my infographic is to draw on this momentum and help to further increase adoption from shelters. All animals deserve a safe and loving home.


Weekly pick update

This Variable series print, is 12 separate prints with a different piece of the word, “Imprint” on it. This resembles a branding design done by Michael Beirut. The prints themselves were inspired by Andy Warhol’s Pop art works