Author: jimmiejamsart

Jamie Yngcong, “also goes by the alias “JIMMIEJAMS” is an Artist, Illustrator, and Graphic Designer a current student at Pratt Institute’s upstate campus in Utica, NY. Jamie is based in New York and Connecticut.

Personal Project

mind map action figure

For my personal project I will be designing my own character and making it into an action figure type toy. Besides making the toy, I will also be designing and creating its packaging. I was inspired to do this because I have always thought it would be so cool to design a toy and one of my current favorite artist KAWS turns his character designs into action figures. My goal for this is to get the prototype manufactured professionally.


Inspiration: Joan Cornellà

Joan Cornellà is a Spanish cartoonist and illustrator famously known for his content’s surreal and twisted humor. I first discovered Cornellà while browsing on instagram, fell in love with his work immediately and have been following his projects closely for the past year. I am very drawn to his surreal narratives and illustrations.