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Jamie Yngcong, “also goes by the alias “JIMMIEJAMS” is an Artist, Illustrator, and Graphic Designer and a current student at Pratt Institute’s upstate campus in Utica, NY. Jamie is based in New York and Connecticut.

personal project update

For my personal project, my 2nd illustration is about Harvey Weinstein and his sexual assault scandal. I am near completion for this piece, just finishing up the background and other small details. The illustration is done on illustrator.


Personal Project Update

Finally finished my first entry for my illustration blog. It is an illustration of Golf Wang’s Fall/Winter 2017 collection. I will be using various hashtags to reach my target audience which are other illustrators on tumblr, streetwear followers, Tyler the Creator’s fanbase, etc. For my future illustrators I will be utilizing a similar stylization of figures and colorful color palettes. I will also be creating a behance account and updating that with the same original content from my blog

Week 6: Personal Project Update

These are some sketches for illustrations I will be posting soon on my site, these are not the final renderings. I did some illustrations of Golf’s fall/winter 2017 collection and one of the Harvey Weinstein scandal. Next week I will be doing illustrations of of the worst high/trip experience people have had and have started gathering some stories I will potentially illustrate. I decided to use an old tumblr blog I owned but never used, it is currently running but with no content:

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Personal Project Update

For my personal project, originally I was going to try to create and package a designer toy. However I’ve been struggling to make process with it because I underestimated how difficult the manufacturing and toy creating process is. I feel in order for me to make this project the best that I can make it to be, I will have to save this idea for the future and work on it when I have sufficient knowledge and experience on the different programs and other toy creating methods.

So I have decided on changing my project and instead creating a blog or some sort of platform where I can talk about current events and pop culture that I am interested in and create a body of illustrations that would support my text. I thought that this would be a great way to expand my illustrating and designing skills and also would help me compile some of these works into my portfolio of illustration works.

Project Update

Some character designs for the toy, nothing final yet. Most of my character designs for the toy have some sort of component relating to recognizable streetwear items, things relating to pop culture/hypes/trends. I might simplify the designs and make the forms less anatomically correct and more cartoony.

Project Update

Besides the toy, one of the most essential aspects of my project is the packaging design for the toy. So I did some research on toy packaging and was inspired by the simplicity and playfulness in these designs. It is important that both the product (toy) and the packaging are stylistically cohesive, so my next step is to figure out how I’m going to incorporate aspects of my toy into its packaging.

Personal Project

mind map action figure

For my personal project I will be designing my own character and making it into an action figure type toy. Besides making the toy, I will also be designing and creating its packaging. I was inspired to do this because I have always thought it would be so cool to design a toy and one of my current favorite artist KAWS turns his character designs into action figures. My goal for this is to get the prototype manufactured professionally.