Author: jessprativadi

Jessica Prativadi is an artist from Bangalore, India with a focus in illustration. She is currently a sophomore at PrattMWP, located in Utica, New York.

Week #10


This is the font I created. It is inspired by marquee signs.

Update #9

This week I tried to make a logo. I started by vectoring a pencil sketch. I made changes and took it to Illustrator, and tried it with different fonts.


Update #7

Hand Lettering.jpg

In the process of designing my cards, I have also considered what kind of text I want. Most of my cards will feature very little text, as they are based on short, witty, “inside” jokes. I have decided that it would be a nice touch to make my cards using hand lettering. In the pictures, I tried some different styles to experiment with what I might want to use on the cards.

Update #6


This is an example of some of the rough sketches that I am coming up with for the 6 ideas that I chose. This one illustrates the “break-up” card. For each idea, I plan to come up with a list of words that I relate with the themes, and then make sketches based on these words, to get the idea across.

Update #5


While coming up with ideas for the cards, I have also been considering layout. I do not want to keep the traditional shape of a greeting card. I want them to be more tactile and personal. This can be reflected in the envelopes as well. These are a couple ideas I found across the internet, along with some drawings of my own ideas.

Update #4


This week I finalized a selection of 6 topics that I would be making cards for. They were all inspired by everyday events that a wide range of people experience. I want to make greeting cards for things that people want to express, that aren’t normally expressed. For example, what do you say to your friend when their pet passes away? Or how about when you bailed on plans because you wanted to spend a day in? Over the next few weeks I will come up with sketches for these ideas.