Author: jessprativadi

I am currently a ComD major at PrattMWP, aiming towards a focus in Illustration.


Mind Map of Greeting Card Personal Project

I wanted to make my personal project something I would really enjoy doing and I have wanted to illustrate a line of greeting cards for as long as I can remember. I think it would be interesting to come up with designs for different holidays along with funny jokes on the inside.





Girl with Hair Ribbon (1965) Oil on Canvas

This is a painting by American Pop artist, Roy Lichtenstein. He is primarily known for his ¬†work based on already existing comics, and “parody-ing” popular cultural references. In his time, he revolutionized the world of Pop Art through his perspective.

This work is inspiring because it is interesting to see the original place the artist’s work comes from and what it turns into. I also enjoy the technique and certain stylistic aspects used in Lichtenstein’s work.