Author: jessprativadi

Jessica Prativadi is an artist from Bangalore, India with a focus in illustration. She is currently a sophomore at PrattMWP, located in Utica, New York.

Sleep Deprivation

I want to look at and organize the statistics that deal with sleep deprivation, more specifically in college students. I will be looking at the causes, symptoms and consequences. I chose this topic because it’s relevant to people of all ages, and something I think everyone struggles with once in a while. In our busy lives, sleep is easily sacrificed, but I don’t think the effects are often thought about, so I’d like to point out what happens to your body as you lose these hours.



Currency Symbol

Early Sketches:


Final Product:



For our “create a currency symbol” assignment, I made the dollar sign look like a swimming pool.

The reason that I wanted to take the swimming pool sketch further was because, to me it was the only design that really symbolised “wealth”. I think that to my generation having a swimming pool is a sign of affluence. Apart from the monetary value, I think the design also relates to spending. To truly enjoy a swimming pool, you gotta have time on your hands. It is common to see people with money having a lot more time to longue around and use their leisurely time by the pool.