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Save our Bees



TRUE wireframe art-01Bees are one of the foundations of nature and life. How are we going to survive without nature? I still remember the first I heard that scientists have predicted the extinction of bees, I was shocked and decided to do something to save our bees. #save our bees is a project which focuses on raising people awareness of bee extinction and calls up people’s attentions to save our bees in daily lives.

Junheng Chen was born in Xiamen, China and moved to Auckland, New Zealand in 2013. During the first year of her high school, she organized a charity party for poor university student and raised 40,000 Chinese dollars for those students’ tuition fee (the average tuition fee in China for one student per year is about 5,000 dollars). After she moved to New Zealand, she was influenced by western society and decided to devote herself to art.  Junheng Chen is a creative, experienced, enthusiastic artist and illustrator. She is currently a sophomore Communication Design student at PrattMWP.



Bee Extinction

My project is about Bee Extinction. There is a general misconception that all the bees are becoming extinct. However, current studies show that honey bees are not the species that dying, but the seven varieties of yellow-faced, or masked bees in Hawaii as endangered. Bombus affinis is the first bumble bee species to given that status, and the first wild bee of any kind to be listed in the Lower 48 states. This doesn’t means that we should only focus on Bombus bees and wild bees, because once one species were dead, other would die like domino. b23ab460198439.5a417e1e2b4bb

Currency – Euro Sign


The euro sign (€) is the currency sign used for the euro, the official currency of the Eurozone in the European Union (EU). The design was presented to the public by the European Commission on 12 December 1996.

Inspiration for the € symbol came from a Greek epsilon, and also a reference to the cradle of European civilization – and the first letter of the word Europe, crossed by two parallel lines to ‘certify’ the stability of the euro.

The official story of the design history of the euro sign is disputed by Arthur Eisenmenger,


Before I start designing the sign, I searched Online to see other designers’ works. Although the official description says that they get the idea from a Greek epsilon and the first letter of the word Europe, most of the typography design don’t pay much attentions on the “E” shape. They have very smooth curve outline.

Talks about Europ, two kind of typygraphs come to my mind. One is gothic style, the other is English Round hand.



Final Design


week 11

Before I start designing my city logo, I did some research on how other designers design city logo. Here are some logo I found online.

The one in the right button is from the designer Aaron Draplin. The marten in the right button with waves and building is the logo he designed for his hometown. I watched his video about how he comes up to this idea. The video is very thought-provoking.

Through study from these designs, I found that most of the city logos use a landmark building as an icon of their city.

Week 8

I started to edit my own typographic designs for my hometown. I decided to do the poster and brochures bilingual (Mandarin and English) making it easier to read for my target audience. First of all I found some calligraphy for the name of my hometown in Chinese. The I made my own brushes in Photoshop and started designing my typography. Below is some calligraphy I found that inspired me.

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Week 7

I am very interested in the “I LOVE New York” standard manual which was posted during the class. I took some note from it and found something that can help me to make a better process book. IMG_3055Untitled 2UntitledIn this book, they analysis their target audience very clearly.

Week 6

I did my brochure for Xiamen this week. It bases on blue and green and white, because Xiamen is a coastal city. I choose to display the map, food and sightseeing on my brochure. I will do other visions of it, maybe change the color to orange and yellow.

I don’t know how to add an InDesign picture here, so I will show some photo I put in my brochure.