Author: jchen305

personal project

IMG_2521My project is an introduction of my hometown. My hometown is a beautiful costal city in southern China. It is a really amazing city and I wish everyone could enjoying it. I want to improve my skills with adobe system  through this project. I will look around and find some interesting artists and work which I can learn from. I will upload my mind map later.




James Guthrie was a Scottish painter, best know of his own lifetime for his portraiture. I love his work of childhood. Those work remind me of my childhood and hometown. I spent quit a lovely childhood in my hometown. My hometown is not a very famous city in the world. People in China might heard it often because of its beautiful landscape, beach and sights. I left my hometown for 5 years. I visit my hometown once per year now. I am really missing all the delicious food and beautiful sightseeings in my hometown. I wanna introduce my hometown to people around me.