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Jairo Gomez is a graphic designer and photographer from Miami, Fl currently attending Pratt Institute's extension campus PrattMWP in Utica, NY.

Immigration Nation INFOGRAPHIC


There are many subsections that pertain to immigration within the United States.The Statistics pertain to Refugees and Asylum Seekers and Immigration over time, Top States, and Children with immigrant parents. Many children such as myself, in the states are immigrant children and have been brought up differently, unlike your average American households.


Jairo is a child of two immigrant parents, both fleeing from the Nicaraguan insurrection back in the 70’s and 80’s. Growing up in south Florida with Spanish as a primary language. Specializing in many multi-media outlets and analog visuals, Jairo is pursing his dreams as a communications design major at Pratt, in New York.

Statistics on Immigrants and Immigration in the United States

The United States has been the top22_immigrationnation_wdestination for international migrants since at least 1960, with one-fifth of the world’s migrants living there as of 2017. Despite its long history of immigration, the United States has oscillated between perceiving immigration as a valuable resource and as a major challenge. The 2016 election and significant actions on immigration taken by the Trump administration have further raised the issue in political and public debates. 

For my info graphic I have decided to take some key statistics of immigration within the United States and organizing it into a pleasing easy to read manner which will also incorporate the issue(s) at hand.

The Statistics are going to be pertaining to:

  • Refugees and Asylum Seekers
  • Immigration over time: TOP STATES
  • Children with immigrant parents

Week 7 update: HALFTONES sample stickers

Finally got to see the quality of these stickers, and they’re pretty nice so i will be ordering more and in different colors so I can start making sticker packs . All the white parts are transparent and they are glossy in direct light.

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My next goal is to make assorted color pins, maybe the same design just in different colors or maybe different designs entirely.