Author: thisisitahy

Communications Design major at PrattMWP.


IMG_0563.PNGI’ve been in further investigating anti immigration groups to better understanding their views and reasoning. Overall I was looking out for false information and narratives they’re communicating that may instill fear into Americans. I have been analyzing their web design and posters to see what they’re doing effectively or ineffectively so that I don’t make their mistakes.


Defending DACA

Last week as I was brainstorming trying to find a basis for my personal project, I found that I had a mental block. I was sitting in my bed and decided to turn on the news as it had been weeks since I last tuned in. The first thing I heard made me sick. Trump had given congress six months to “fix” DACA or it would be terminated. At that moment I knew I had to support my people in anyway possible, and so I chose to base my project on the issue of immigration, specifically DACA. Most importantly, I acknowledged the fact that I’ve ignored my background. Although I’m not an immigrant myself, my sister and my parents are, and because of the current political climate in Washington I have been affected mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially. I try to quietly overcome these circumstances so that I don’t show weakness. However others are tremendously affected by our President’s actions. Ultimately my goal is to show the utmost support for my family and all immigrant families who are in dire situations. I plan on reaching my goal by captivating the attention of the people who can advocate for immigrants who are voiceless. For my personal project I will get in contact with an organization called United We Dream. They are a group of dreamers who are fighting for their right as individuals to stay in the only place they know as home, that is the United States. I would like to use my skills as a communicator to support them in any way possible. As I get in contact with them l will be creating a series of posters that informs and educates individuals on the issue of DACA.

Nicolas Rivals

La Linea Roja is an installation by Paris based Photographer Nicolas Rivals. His pieces features bold geometric neon installed in breathtaking landscapes of Spain. I appreciate his experimentation of artificial light within remote locations. He has beautifully created a stark break in this landscape’s serene state. The contrasting red light illuminates and highlights the detail’s of nature in a cohesive manner.