Author: thisisitahy

Communications Design major at PrattMWP.

Week 14

I have completed my personal project process book to capture all the research I have done up to this point and have started thumbnails for posters.


Week 13

I have Interviewed three immigrants two of them are daca recipients. I decided to open up my project to all immigrants for the sake of diversity and after interviewing two people I really believe hearing the stories of all immigrants helps tremendously to understand experiences that are not my own and will help create more authentic designs that are true to their experiences.

Week 12

This week I did research on sanctuary cities, what they are and their purpose. I found that Sanctuary cities are cities in which the officials will not provide information to federal immigrant authorities. Homeland security requests authorities to hold suspects for up to 48 hours in order for immigration agents to arrive, but it is arguably a violation to the rights and due process of these individuals. Ultimately with the new Presidency Sanctuary cities are being reprimanded and may be cut of federal funding for police departments for not working with Homeland Security.

Week 11

What are Passion killers? This week a wonderful message at church answered one of my biggest questions. Unbalanced work schedules, being overworked or underworked, bible study without ministry. I took the points that the pastor shared and I reflected on the aspects of my daily routine that could be killing my passion.

Week 10

This week I took a look at the list of questions I still needed to address I took on the question “What sparks empathy?”

I found several techniques to evoke empathy in a viewer. I walked away accepting the fact that not every iIndividual will walk away with the same idea or receive a visual the same way as last person.  I learned that I shouldn’t try to jam all techniques into one piece but to use one consideration in an overall design framework. Lastly empathy helps create an experience and memory which will resonate which is what I need.

Week 8

This week I focused on the work of the positive competition which are mainly activist  like Avram Finklestein, Kameelah Janan Rasheed, the Guerilla Girls and Seth Toboeman. I identified what makes their work positive, I highlighted them to refer to and make sure I execute the same aspects in my own work. I used the Vignelli Canon to decipher good design from bad design.