Author: eric777w

Eric Wu is graphic designer/illustrator from China, who is studying communication design in PrattMWP College of Art and Design in Utica NY, USA.

Smoking hurts

Tobacco use is a global epidemic, and the problem is getting worse rapidly as the tobacco industry penetrates the developing world. One person dies every 6 seconds from a tobacco related disease. Tobacco smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals. More than 600,00 Non-smokers dies each year from secondhand smoke worldwide. 屏幕快照 2018-04-12 下午2.05.22


Dollar Sign

The $ symbol was first occured in 1770s. Dollar sign was came from Pesos. The abbreviation of Pesos is Ps. Then people wrote “P” and “S” together. The it became “$”. For the same reason, the two lines dollar sign was from “U” and “S”. Recently, there is a newer version, which is changing the line to two points on the top and the bottom of S.


The final design is a dollar sign with two points on the top and bottom of the “S” instead of  a line in the middle of the “S”1.png



This week, I have done so much progress and finished my process book. I got some feedback and suggestions during the presentation. some suggestions are helpful so I made some changes on my card. I drew a background of it and made some changes on the Seer, the Idoit, the Werewolf, and the Witch. Also, I add the Chinese titles of each character under the English titles, because my target audience is young Chinese werewolf players and people who runs a werewolf club. Also, I am not going to change the design of the Villager, because it is very make sense to my target audience. 屏幕快照 2017-12-10 下午7.10.58


This week , I researched and illustrated the villager card. I think it is a tough one, beause the villager card have no special skills in the game, and have no features at all. It shows from the other two version that I researched. So I need give villager card some feature in my version. I remember there is a nickname of the villager card called “the Egg card”. So my illustration is based on an “egg”.img_0250.pngIMG_0251IMG_0252


This week, I researched and illustrated the idiot card. In the classical version, the idiot card is very similar to the villager card, and no feature and nothing special. If the player did not see clearly, the player might think it is the villager car. Thus, the game cannot continue. So I need solve this problem in my illustration. Due to it is “idiot”, so I changed painting style. I painted it simple and cute to make players do not hate having the idiot card while the werewolf game.IMG_0240IMG_9660IMG_0256


This week, I started to research and illustrate the hunter card. The representative color of the hunter card is green, and the feature is always having a shotgun with him. In my illustration, I applied the green into the eyes. Also, I will paint a shotgun at the back of the hunter.