Author: EmmaBlazes

Illustration student at PrattMWP. I'm from Atlanta Georgia and hope to change my major to animation next year.

Week 11 Update

This week I finished my full character turnarounds for my main cast.

Bradley turnaround-01Grand Wizard turnaround-01Phillip turnaround-01



Week 10 Update

This week I did more research on people who inspire me. Rebecca Sugar was one of the main people I looked at, she’s the creator of the Cartoon Network show Steven Universe and used to be a storyboard artist for Adventure Time. She’s also the first female to ever be the creator of a show on Cartoon Network. She went to school at SVA for 2D Animation.

Week 7 Update


This week I started working on some animated gifs of my characters. I’m really unhappy with them so far and will fix them soon. The movements are just way too slow. I will keep working on them and improve soon. Hopefully he moves on the screen when I post this!