Author: caythedon

Personal Project: Album Covers


My personal project is to create Album Covers for about four different artists, from mainstream to underground artists. I want to be able to come up with designs that I feel will go with the music of the artists and not just something closely related to my style. I will try to go into different genres of music.



Tim Okamura


Rosie No.1″ 2016, oil on canvas, 36 x 48 inches

 Tim Okamura is a contemporary Canadian painter who is known for his depiction of African American and minorities in urban settings. Tim Okamura currently resides in NYC. I am inspired by this painter because he has a very distinct style where he brings graffiti and realism together to create amazing works of art. By studying his work and technique I hope to gain new skills. His work inspires me because he makes statement pieces and his work is meaningful.