Author: caythedon

Cayarah Pyle is an aspiring art director, who currently is studying Communications Design with​ a focus in Advertising at PrattMWP in Utica,NY. When she isn't in school, she resides in Brooklyn where she enjoys creating personal projects, dancing, and listening to music.

Weave Infographic


Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 12.17.29 PM

I chose to do my infographic on weave because often times there are misconceptions about weave. In this day and age weave is so popular and common, but people still don’t know how big the Weave industry truly is. I created this to shed light on a topic that is usually not always talked about. I also wanted to find a way to break the stereotype that only black women wear weave.


The Wonderful World of Weave

Weaves and Wigs have always been a stereotype for one type of woman. But my infographic is to bring light on this topic. Not only do black women wear weaves and wigs, but almost every woman from different ethnic background wears weaves and wigs. This is to bash the stereotype that only black women wear weave. Also I created this infographic so that everyone sees that wearing weaves and wigs has become the new normal.

New Sketch For Album

So this is a sketch that I worked on one day and as I was flipping through my sketchbook looking for inspiration, I found this piece and I was inspired. It was so true to how I am currently feeling this year and how I have been feeling for a while. I feel as though in life because of who I am and how I look, I have to hide behind this mask for society to even accept me. So this will be the piece that I will use on the cover of my album because it is so true to me and fits with that Lost theme.

New Title: Lost


So during this entire year, I have been feeling lost, through my art and through myself and i wanted this album to reflect me and my feelings. So although this is just a mock up album, I still wanted to be true to myself and allow others to know my feelings through my work. So I decided to change the name of the album because I felt as though it was a fitting name, since it is the one word that would describe my life right now. Here I am just playing with different ways to write the name of the album and how I want it to look.

Stop and Listen

This week I decided to take a different approach to my personal project and just listen to artists that inspire me. I not only wanted to get inspired by the covert but I wanted their music to influence what i created. So without researching any images or pictures this week I chose toast some time aside and just listen to my favorite artists and even listen to songs on my playlist that I never really listen to. I have been listening to various artists like Princess Nokia, Drake, Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, Chance the Rapper, and Kanye West.

Personal Project:Album Covers


So far, I have decided to make 3 album covers, one that will be my own creation and two others that are from other underground artists. I wanted my album to be something that powers women, so I wrote just a few women that try to help inspire and uplift women. It would be about accepting your body and not needing anyone to make you feel good about you. So this album is an ode to women and also about me missing home hence baconeggandcheese thats just about Brooklyn. So for my own original album cover I want it to be a pink silk bed set with a sleep mask in it and I’m thinking of doing an actual  photoshoot for this.

Update 1: Album Cover Mock Up


This NYC rapper, Princess Nokia  has a distinct style that I am trying to dissect and create a cover that would be closely related to her music and her overall style. She already has album covers but I wanted to make an alternative album cover for her and find a new and upcoming artist and create an original piece of work for them. Princess Nokia has many similarities in the other overs for her singles and I wanted to keep that same unity that all her album covers have.