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Catlyn Smith is an artist originally from Paterson, New Jersey currently enrolled at Pratt Institute. She officially started her artistic journey in 2012 at PCTI, where she worked to receive an Adobe photoshop certification. She's constantly working on new styles and concepts. Stay tuned

Target audience

I had to think about what age groups and demographics I wanted to reach because that all plays a part in your design


How to

I had to reacquaint myself with the process of bottle wrapping

Utica Planned

The Planned Parenthood, located in Utica, New York, was opened about 40 years ago. It’s currently named after Margaret Roberts, a former co-president/CEO, who has since passed away. A couple of years ago the budding was renovated to really push emphasis on security, privacy all while being fairly modernized to push the sense of comfort.

There’s no secret Planned Parenthood deals with nasty protestors on a daily at probably all of their establishments. These protestors make it a point to vocalize their disgust for Planned Parenthood’s practices. The most complained about practice would undoubtedly have to be abortion. However, what they fail to realize is that Planned Parenthood actually offers a wide range of services, not only for  women but men as well. Their services include, but aren’t limited to birth control distribution, emergency contraception (morning after pill), general health care, HIV services, LGBT services, men’s health services, patient education, pregnancy testing and services, STD testing, treatment and vaccines. In their blind loyalty to their ignorance, they lack the vision to see the bigger picture that is Planned Parenthood.Planned_Parenthood_logo.svg


Interview questions:

-what does planned parenthood mean to you?

-how do you personally feel about the protestors?

-what steps do you think can lead to more people becoming involved?

-do you ever have to emotionally detach yourself while working here?

-do you think there will ever come a day where planned parenthood and it’s practices aren’t questioned/protested?