Author: caaatstacks

Catlyn Smith is an artist originally from Paterson, New Jersey currently enrolled at Pratt Institute. She officially started her artistic journey in 2012 at PCTI, where she worked to receive an Adobe photoshop certification. She's constantly working on new styles and concepts. Stay tuned

Project True Topic Statement

It’s no secret that racism is a prevailing problem in America. It’s not something that happened over night it’s a deep rooted issue. It affects a lot of things, but one of the big things in today’s society would be police brutality. How would you feel knowing you’re more likely to be killed or even harmed by police simply for the color of your skin? I in no way intend to bash police because I know for a FACT that it’s not all police, heck my mom is a detective so I have a lot of internal insight of the workings of a police force. Again this is not intended to bash, I simply want to shed light on facts. People deserve to know the truth about what’s going on.


Target audience

I had to think about what age groups and demographics I wanted to reach because that all plays a part in your design