Author: bethanyddunn

Bethany Dunn is a current student at Pratt Institute in Utica, NY, studying Communication Design with a focus in illustration. When she is not in school she can be found exploring different art forms in her hometown Mesquite, TX. She strives to be an illustrator loving the work she produces.

Personal Project


For my personal project I would like to experiment with my embroidery on different surfaces and with different designs. My goal is to embroider one collar, one set of small collar pins, two small necklaces, and one bag. I want one of these items to be some sort of landscape or plant based piece because these are popular designs. I will make at least one item a personal piece for me, but I want to build my communication skills and treat this like a small business. I want to talk with students willing to participate in this project with me and I will work to create a design that they enjoy by drafting multiple designs per piece. The goal of the project is to gain experience with my embroidery, and learn to communicate with clients (students) and produce satisfying designs.


Zoe Persico

“Doe, a Deer”

Zoe Persico is an illustrator who has worked for DreamWorks TV, Sesame workshop, and Little Golden Books. Her work has inspired me because of her experimentation with textures and light.

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