Author: bethanyddunn

Bethany Dunn is a current student at Pratt Institute in Utica, NY, studying Communication Design with a focus in illustration. When she is not in school she can be found exploring different art forms in her hometown Mesquite, TX. She strives to be an illustrator loving the work she produces.

Dollar Sign

My dollar sign was inspired by this poster I found on Pinterest that is playing with color channels, and I looked at old advertisements that used fonts playing with exaggerated forms.

I started out with drawing different dollar signs with an ink brush and I made a vector out of my scanned design. The final piece is to the right was done y putting the vector image in photoshop and changing the values of the RGB channels.


Week 9 Update

I made more progress on the Home piece, but have decided that I want to redo this piece when I learn more about proper embroidery techniques. Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 12.29.28 AM.png



This week I took a break from everything related to my personal project and researched different storyboard artists from Pixar and Dreamworks and watched some short documentaries on the process.